PhD – Computing – pending
University of the West of Scotland

I am writing-up my PhD thesis in my spare time. My research topic explores the usability issues of integrating web-based e-learning systems with immersive virtual worlds.

BSc. Hons 1st Class – Computer Games Technology
University of Paisley / the West of Scotland, 2007

I thoroughly enjoyed this 4-year course as it gave me an opportunity to learn a great deal about the technical aspects of games programming, while also offering the freedom to explore various related fields. Topics studied included C++, maths, parallelism, artificial intelligence, 3d graphics, animation, software testing, and management.

I was awarded the University Court Medal for Distinguished Academic Performance on 3 consecutive years of the degree.



Karate Hull

Shukokai Karate – 2nd Kyu (Brown Belt 2 tags) – 2015

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Singing – Grade 8 – 2002
Piano – Grade 7 – 2001
Music Theory – Grade 5 – 1997

Teh’s Institute of Tukido

Tukido – 8th Kyu (Yellow Belt) – 2001

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

Silver Award – 2001

Scottish Canoe Association

Kayaking – 1 Star – 2000

Trinity College London

Guitar – Grade 4 – 1998