Mobile games

Octapool (view in app store)Screenshot

I originally prototyped this iPhone game as part of a feasibility study at the Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologists, and was later contracted directly by Aarcee Ltd. to complete the project. It is a unique pool game, implemented in Objective C using the Cocos2d engine. I was responsible for all programming and artwork.



PC games

Spaceport (video, screenshots)Screenshot

“Spaceport” is a first-person narrative-driven game, created in 10 weeks as part of Dare To Be Digital 2006. I was responsible for developing a bespoke gameplay scripting system, and for maintaining some of the asset pipeline tools. It was programmed in C++ using the Ogre engine for graphics.




GameMaker is really a hobbyist’s tool, although it offers plenty of freedom to do almost everything in code instead of drag-and-drop.

Yokai ValleyScreenshot

This is a simple RTS-style game produced as a collaboration with a couple of artists online. It really pushed GameMaker to its limit as it required a lot of custom code. I did all the programming.




I created this game in just a couple of days, as I wanted to try creating a simple board game with artificial intelligence (it features a simple minimax AI). Some artwork was contributed by Tommy Kraft, and sounds came from