About me

Photo of PeterMy name’s Peter Bloomfield and this is my CV/resume and portfolio website.

I’m currently the Senior Software Engineer at Vertual Ltd. We make virtual reality training and visualisation software for radiotherapy cancer treatment. Most of my work involves C++ programming which I thoroughly enjoy. It also involves 3d graphics and maths quite frequently, as well as some embedded programming, large quantities of patient data, and much more.


I’m open to new opportunities based in or near Leeds (UK). Please contact me if you’ve got a relevant vacancy.

Key skills

  • Languages:
    • C/C++
    • Python
    • JavaScript / jQuery
    • PHP
    • C#
    • SQL
    • HTML / CSS
  • 3d graphics programming
  • Embedded systems programming
  • Maths / linear algebra
  • Physics simulation
  • Web development
  • Concurrency/parallelism
  • Version control:
    • Subversion (SVN)
    • Git

Hobbies & interests

Aside from programming various projects in my free time, my interests include reading, making music, playing games (computer or table-top), tinkering with electronics, karate, and even some arts and crafts. In addition to all that, I’m also writing up a doctoral thesis in computing (educational technology and HCI) at the University of the West of Scotland.

My websites

  • Avid Insight – my technical blog
  • Lycius Moment – my music (and other creative stuff) blog
  • Pete and Caz – not really started yet, but hoping to blog about arts, crafts and cookery with my lovely wife

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