About me

Photo of PeterMy name’s Peter Bloomfield and this is my CV/resume and portfolio website.

I’m a software engineer, currently working at Optalysys Ltd supporting research and development into optical computing. I work primarily in C/C++, along with Python and occasional bits of Matlab.

I was previously worked at ADI (Advanced Digital Innovation), working mainly on server-side programming for a variety of healthcare apps. Most of my work involved PHP/Laravel and JavaScript/Node, running in Docker containers.

Before that, I worked at Vertual Ltd, helping to develop virtual reality training and visualisation software for radiotherapy cancer treatment. Most of my work involved C++ programming which I thoroughly enjoyed. It also involved 3d graphics and maths, as well as some embedded programming, large quantities of patient data, and much more.


Key skills

  • C/C++
  • PHP + Laravel, Composer
  • JavaScript + Node, npm, Express, React
  • Docker
  • SQL (MySQL / MariaDB)
  • MongoDB
  • Version control (Git / Subversion)
  • Agile software development (Scrum)



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